A BEST last question for the Interview

Do your best the first time!

In the interview, we are continually concerned with what the prospective employer is left with about our ability and willingness to do the job and how we will potentially fit into the organization, its culture, the personalities of the related staff, etc..

So I ask my clients to ensure that they do a thorough job (we prepare for this) in responding to and asking targeted questions that get at those answers…your interviewer needs to know as much about you and your ability and willingness before you walk out the door at the initial interview.  Of course, you are also competing with others who are attempting to convey the same message so you do need to ensure that you’ve done your best when you have the opportunity face to face.

It is often a tense situation, knowing that you need to make a good impression, remembering to ask questions that give you the information you need and basically trying not to screw anything up.  In the longer interviews, you can hardly remember by the end if you actually got it all in, whether you forgot anything essential and whether how you answered a question has your own approval.

So here’s the best question that you can ask once the interview begins to come to a close:

Is there anything more you need to know about me in order to make a decision to hire me for the job? …Or …Is there anything else you can think of that stands in the way of you feeling confident that I both can and will do the job and that I fit into the organization?

The answer and subsequent discussion from some form of this question allows you to leave with some assurance that your interviewer has what he needs to make an informed decision.   And when you send your thank you note, if you should decide that there is something you wished you’d said concerning relevant matters covered during the course of the interview, you may state that in your note to close the gap.

Remember that when it comes to being interviewed, how nervous you are won’t necessarily make much difference but how prepared you are could very well move you to the top of the list!

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