Common Ground in Career and Mate Selection

I once wrote a book called Dating and the Pursuit of Happiness .  In it, I express the idea of an analogy between finding a suitable job and that of finding a mate.  I wasn’t making light of the mate comparison, in fact, I was saying–still say—that since many of us put more work in planning our weddings and not enough in planning our marriages, we ought to take a look here.

Beginning with the introspective piece, the self-awareness that we so often lack—we investigate what is it that we need to make us happy and successful.  How can we expect ourselves to recognize what is right if we lack this awareness and understanding of ourselves?  We can’t.  That is at least one reason why there is so much unhappiness.  That, and the idea that we expect somehow that once we get something, whether it is a person, place, or thing, we will be happy.  Wrong!!!

Following self-awareness, we have a list of priorities, rank-ordered, and some semblance of a “marketing plan.”  This is the road map that we lay out to pave the way in which we will pursue our dreams.   In job hunting, we would always want to have written documents to support us, while in the personal realm, we merely have to have an understanding that guides us in our attractions and subsequent decision-making.  Putting our plans to work in the “marketplace” takes us into the public, where we meet others through networking, conducting “informational sessions” to ascertain our fit– to an industry, a company, a job, a mate.

The up-front-time we spend in introspection, research and networking is well worth the investment.  At minimum, it will get us a great deal closer to the possibility of meeting our needs, that which we all seek and deserve and that which is more likely to lead us to happiness and success!

About the author, Saleh

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