Is it Practical To Do What We Love?

A step and time to consider…

I support others in doing what  their hearts tell them to do.  No matter what the age or status of a client, or even a friend with whom I engage in this type discussion, I am moved to inquire about what they love to do.  And it never ceases to amaze me that most of us actually believe that what we would do if we followed our hearts is both impractical and just about crazy to even consider.  Most often, in the end, I settle for the consideration of some expression to be manifest in their lives, which not surprisingly, I find is already there.

Here’s the rub.¬†¬†I think we go down that road, thinking and believing in¬†the unattainability of our dreams and passions because of a message, perhaps unwittingly transmitted by those we trust or what we see “rewarded” in public view.¬† It could be a combination of both those systems that operate most often in a subliminal fashion, but I can’t help feeling¬†this is a tragic outcome of unintended consequences.¬† For sure, most parents are well-intentioned; they only wish happy and successful lives for their children.¬†¬†We must excuse the “media” influence as we have no control over it, save being a conscious and conscientious reminder of the rationale behind that motivation.

Why I am insistent on¬†young people paying heed to their own natural leanings is of no surprise then.¬† What I struggle with now, though, is how to reach as many students in as timely a fashion possible before they reach the age where they succumb to the inevitable conclusion of¬† the¬†”impracticability” of living their dreams.¬†¬†But I won’t give up.¬† It’s my passion!

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