Episode 2 – The Assessment Question

We present a greater clarification on the assessment question. Do you need one, what will it provide for you and how do you decide which one is best for you? The results that are indicated on the reports assist you in identifying not only what you CAN do but what you WILL do, based on your internal motivations. You will also gain greater insight about your “fit” in a particular setting, as your needs and stress indicators are highlighted.

The original work of assessment began early in the 1900s with Carl Jung’s introduction of the four quadrants. There are myriad possibilities, as I am aware and certified in a number of assessment instruments, but I happen to endorse and enjoy working with the Birkman Method.

There is a “side benefit” or natural outcome of allowing yourself take that step back to consider these insights about yourself. You begin to see how others must also have unique needs which they seek to and are entitled to meet. You more easily gain empathy, openness and acceptance of the other.

A second “side benefit” of assessing your career needs is the possibility of gleaning ideas and understanding about yourself on a more personal level. This can assist you in gaining perspective into your attractions and compatibilities and reasons behind your challenges in getting along with certain personalities.

In the end, you have absolutely nothing to lose and everything to gain from giving yourself this gift of introspection. Evidenced by my clients who have benefitted far beyond the acknowledgment of a most suited career path, you might consider this a great gift to yourself!

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