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How We Are Response-able

Accepting responsibility for what happens in our lives empowers us. We see our part in the creation of our circumstance and we know we can change it.

Looking externally for someone or something to blame leaves us at the effect of what happens, rather than the cause. In this way, we have no power; we are victims of our circumstance.

When we are managing our emotions, we can respond to what happens, giving us an opportunity to positively affect our perceptions, behavior and decision making. We are response-able.

In reactive mode, where our thinking minds are disengaged, we are at the mercy of what happens.

Taking responsibility is understanding that we are creative powerful beings who are given choice and therefore are truly at the cause of our circumstance. Everything that happens is for our benefit and we worked to create it in our lives. Why? Because we need the experience to learn what we came here to learn.

While we often can not control what happens, we can always control what we do about what happens. We have two choices: we can react and place blame on other people or situations or we can respond by simply working to make it better.

It is one hundred percent our choice.

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