The Only Way to Live

We are only too aware of polarizing positions in our world. And the reason that we are so aware is that these positions are too present in our lives. While we know this has to change, and we hear it often enough, why is it that we continue to live separated in our positions and critical of what appears to be different. Do we need to be right or want to be happy?

We all know that love is the answer. When we hear it coming in the voice of another or read it on the page of someone’s writing, we experience that sense of knowing. We agree; the truth is always recognizable, if only deep within our hearts.

Living with love, insisting on love as our guide with all we do and say makes us whole. We easily derive a sense of peace. It always begins with self-love and radiates outward from there. That’s where we achieve the highest calibration in terms of our energy. That is our greatest opportunity to do what we love and experience love in our personal lives.

About the author, Saleh

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