Why We Don’t Listen To Ourselves

I am painfully aware of how often I hear “I knew” this or that, “I distinctly felt” a particular way about something ….but I chose to not heed that warning or intuition and (therefore) lived to regret it.  I myself have had this experience too many times.  And no matter how often it occurs, followed by the concluding “next time” reassurance, we do it time and again.

Why do we do this?  Is it because we do not trust ourselves? It reminds me of a quote by Groucho Marx about not wanting to be a member of any club that would have me as a member.  Why would I listen to me, right?  

But the problem is that when we have these “inner leanings,” when we sense something strongly, it is a fair indication that we are tapping into a power greater than the me I see…it’s what is recognized as the difference between ego and spirit.  The point is, we can be misled when we act based on ego but never when we respond to our inner guidance.

There is no telling how often we will hear this or read it or even “know” it before we consistently access it as the valuable resource that it is to us.  Maybe we just have to get to the point where we acknowledge ourselves as connected to our Source before we can listen to ourselves.  That would mean we trust and respect ourselves not as the me I see but rather a physical manifestation of the love and perfection from which we came.

Here’s to attending to that reliable voice inside!

About the author, Saleh

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