Confirmation from the Assessment Process

Engaging in a self-assessment process can be informative but not in the acquisition of brand new information kind of way. It’s more like in the acknowledgment of what we already know, so it’s more confirming and validating. We smile in acknowledgment of what is being revealed to us on a report about our personality and interests.

And there are residual benefits of going through the assessment process. These benefits are inevitable and helpful. The reports allow us to extrapolate to others, mostly those with whom we live, work, and play. In accepting what is true of us, we somehow end up clear about how others may differ and how we might accept what is true about them.

It is personally rewarding to experience self-acceptance in the client and even more exciting when they understand the value of how it translates to acceptance of the other. It’s “I’m okay, You’re Okay,” which is a beautiful thing.

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