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Joined in Our Humanity

By Dolah Saleh | 12 January 2021 |

No matter how others are hurting, it is always possible to keep our hearts open and empathize with how they feel. We may not agree, but remaining open and accepting allows us to become part of the solution.

Attitude is Everything

By Dolah Saleh | 05 January 2021 |

We don’t realize how powerful we really are! We think that our lives reflect what others think about us and do to us, but that isn’t true. We are in charge of our lives; we are responsible for the results we experience. This is not speculation or theory, it is real and true. And it’s…

A Case in Point

By Dolah Saleh | 29 December 2020 |

Many of us enjoy movies with a message. Since it’s Christmas time, I was reminded of my own joy in watching old Holiday movies that remind me of valuable life lessons. Two of the best ones, as far as I am concerned, are A Christmas Carol and It’s a Wonderful Life. When we first meet…

Living and Dying With Regrets

By Dolah Saleh | 22 December 2020 |

Does everyone live the life that is “intended” for them, even when it doesn’t look that way? Or do some of us get that wrong, and have to repeat our lessons in the next life? We often hear it said that the life we have is full of intention. Our purpose is evident in the…

Passion and Purpose

By Dolah Saleh | 15 December 2020 |

Passion leads to purpose, so does this mean that if I don’t know my passion, there is no purpose to my life? Of course not! Viktor Frankl wrote, ” Life is never made unbearable by circumstances, but only by lack of meaning and purpose.” This is a reminder that no matter what our life circumstance…

Why You Were Born

By Dolah Saleh | 08 December 2020 |

Mark Twain said “The two most important days in your life is the day you were born and the day you find out why.” You came here for a purpose. It’s your job to discover that purpose. When we listened to last week’s show with our passionate teacher you had to have heard the joy…

Meet Lindsay

By Dolah Saleh | 01 December 2020 |

Lindsay walks us through her story. From her choices in pursuit of higher education to her first job, to where she is today, we hear her thoughtfulness in the discovery process. There were steps and missteps, but in the end, she chose the proper fit in the field of education. She tells us exactly how…

The True Versus the False Self

By Dolah Saleh | 24 November 2020 |

Why is it important to know and understand the difference between the true and the false self? Do we all have both and how can we live in alignment with our true selves? Our false self is nothing more than our body and all that is connected to our ego structures. I call it our…

Asking the Right Question

By | 17 November 2020 |

Maybe instead of asking ourselves what we want to DO for a living, we ought to ask what we want to BE. That’s a much more pointed question and could get us at the “right answer” quicker than expecting us to know what we want to DO in choosing a suitable career path. Doing is…

Love In Your Life Trailer

By Dolah Saleh | 16 November 2020 |

Intro to who I am and what is the purpose of this Podcast.