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Making Errors Real

I am often struck when I hear political figures calling out one another on divisive issues, especially when it comes to racial differences.  And what I am about to write does not only come from my own thinking but I have had numerous others concur, nearly always with the caveat, …”but I would never say…

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A Working Philosophy

One year ago, we traveled to Norway.  We went to Oslo and Bergen, visiting the homes, lives and works of many famous Norwegians, such as Composer and pianist Edvard Greig, one of my favorite playwrights, Henrik Ibsen and artist Edvard Munch.  It was a lovely vacation to a vibrant land we’d been drawn to having…

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How Important is Your Resume?

How much time and emphasis do you place on your resume?  Do you put everything you have ever done into the document?  Do you feel it represents you fully enough to get you an interview?  Do you simply send your resume around in response to openings or do you target your companies?  Do you include…

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