The perpetual quests of humanity—those considerations we ponder and for which we seek the answers—sometimes begin when we are very young and continue into old age, when we often become more philosophical. Here are the main ones:

Who am I (in this existence)?
Why am I here?
What should I and must I do; is there a meant to do for me?
What role do my relationships play?
Am I working with a predetermined time frame or life span?
What will it all mean in the end?

These questions reflect our need to know that our lives matter, that there is some reason for our being here. Somewhere we recognize that all our achievements and what we possess mean nothing. It is not that having “stuff” is bad; it is just nothing. We are not what we do or possess.

It IS All about You is not a book about answers but about the questions we all share. That is because you will not find answers on the pages of any book or in the words spoken or written by anyone else, no matter how wise you consider the “teacher.” It is about a journey into yourself because we were each born with the answers we seek.

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