The Covid Message

By Dolah Saleh | 20 May 2020 | Comments Off on The Covid Message

How have we created the need for a global health crisis?

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Character Traits

By Dolah Saleh | 01 December 2019 | Comments Off on Character Traits

…look at what is most appealing about you…

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Making Errors Real

By Dolah Saleh | 23 July 2019 |

I am often struck when I hear political figures calling out one another on divisive issues, especially when it comes to racial differences.  And what I am about to write does not only come from my own thinking but I have had numerous others concur, nearly always with the caveat, …”but I would never say…

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A Working Philosophy

By Dolah Saleh | 18 June 2019 | Comments Off on A Working Philosophy

One year ago, we traveled to Norway.  We went to Oslo and Bergen, visiting the homes, lives and works of many famous Norwegians, such as Composer and pianist Edvard Greig, one of my favorite playwrights, Henrik Ibsen and artist Edvard Munch.  It was a lovely vacation to a vibrant land we’d been drawn to having…

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How Important is Your Resume?

By Dolah Saleh | 02 June 2019 | Comments Off on How Important is Your Resume?

How much time and emphasis do you place on your resume?  Do you put everything you have ever done into the document?  Do you feel it represents you fully enough to get you an interview?  Do you simply send your resume around in response to openings or do you target your companies?  Do you include…

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Transition to Retirement

By Dolah Saleh | 16 May 2019 | Comments Off on Transition to Retirement

I was speaking to a friend about my work and recent foray into the podcast world when she mentioned retirees.  Her thought was that retired people may want and need to know what makes sense for them to do after their work life but before they feel “done.”  This might be particularly true if they…

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Is it Right to Treat One Another Without Common Decency?

By Dolah Saleh | 30 April 2019 | Comments Off on Is it Right to Treat One Another Without Common Decency?

  There is definite reason to believe that we have largely lost our way.  To see and hear our so-called political leaders, our “role models” behave in such a deplorable manner is nothing short of shocking.  But I know, the problem is that we’ve descended so far that the shock value has diminished and is…

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Why Write All About You?

By Dolah Saleh | 01 April 2019 | Comments Off on Why Write All About You?

I wrote All About You -A Responsible Search for Meaning because of my work with professionals in job transitions who nearly always brought up the question of their purpose here in the world.  We begin the question of what makes most sense for me to pursue as my “next likely position,” and we lead ourselves…

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Getting Straight About Our Opinions

By Dolah Saleh | 30 March 2019 | Comments Off on Getting Straight About Our Opinions

All good intentions can be screwed up by the fallibility of man.  One could argue that advances in technology had all good intentions but we see how much negative can come of it.  People have come to feel horrible at a comment made by another, usually anonymously, so allowing the less than courageous to make…

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Orientation of Career Selection

By Dolah Saleh | 16 March 2019 | Comments Off on Orientation of Career Selection

Do you believe that careers are selected from a cause and effect perspective or intention?  Do we tend to choose our paths consciously or unconsciously? If our choice of career is the outcome of something that happened (cause) to result in our decision (effect) to pursue a particular line of work, then we might also…

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