Developing Career Options

What are your ideas about your best work? What do you decide about those ideas? Do you explore them or do they get stored somewhere inside, as you push them away because you don’t have the time, patience, or trust that it’s worth pursuing?

If you are stuck in a work-life that feels wrong, you do need to pay attention. Listen to the tugs; they are connected to a knowingness within you. We say we have a “gut feeling,” an intuition. I like to think of it as our heart trying to have an intimate conversation with our head.

We are not certain about this thing called passionate work. We know what seems to have meaning to us individually, uniquely. But maybe there is “purpose” and meaning in work that is useful. Maybe we grow into the passion for our work because we feel an alignment with the value of what we do for work.

Exploring these ideas has created an opening in my own thinking, in my personal beliefs about meaning and purpose in the work that we do. Maybe we create more stress with this idea of finding passionate work, seeking work that is purposeful. Maybe all work is meaningful and it is up to the individual to see the purpose in the work. After all, everything depends on how we choose to see it, doesn’t it?

About the author, Saleh

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