Episode 4-Does Will Supersede Circumstance?


 Here is the question: Are we determined by what happens to us in our past or driven by a sense of purpose? Are we limited by circumstance or do we transcend it?

This is not the nature/nurture argument but it is just as important, if not more. How we view our potential rests heavily on which side of the philosophical fence we sit.

If we believe that our past is the cause for the effects we live with, then there is little point to taking a proactive stance. If it’s already determined, then why figure out what our best life path ought to be, in accordance with individual needs, interests and desires. If it’s dictated by where we come from and how lucky or unlucky we decide we are in our life circumstance, then allowing life to simply and inevitably unfold is going to be acceptable.

If, on the other hand, we give no credence to limits ostensibly determined by our past, then we may sense a kind of “clean slate” for ourselves. With this backdrop, we can dream and investigate and just consider the possibilities. The options open up in a way to present and allow us our greatest opportunity for happiness and success!

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