Episode 8-Losing Ourselves in the Doing

I think it is prudent to clarify the fact that in doing what we love to be happy and successful that we don’t focus on the doing but rather who we are, our being, first and foremost. To focus on doing is to say that if I do more of something, I will eventually accumulate enough of an activity to make myself feel complete someday. But that won’t happen because you will lose yourself in the doings.

The challenge in focusing on doing is almost to say that we are playing a role. The role dictates what we do for an effect in the world, either to make ourselves feel better or to make others feel better about us. In other words, we are doing for an effect, without respect to ourselves, our being, and that could only result in dissatisfaction. There is no happiness in doing to get. We are not loving ourselves in this strategy, we are seeking an effect based on ego, not higher purpose. And in the end, what we are seeking, is our purpose, not a role we play.

Playing roles is of the mind and therefore identifies with the ego. Being derives from purpose, our internal guide or higher self.

All that said, we are unified in our purpose here…to do what is ours to do–and that is based on our beingness, each separate and unique and yet connected in the collective consciousness.

I heard a great line recently that called to mind the idea that each of us has a responsibility to leave the world a better place than we found it. I liked that. It’s certainly a purpose we all share. Or perhaps should.

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