Going Beyond the Four Quadrants

If there are only about 25% of us who choose the most appropriate career path for ourselves, could it be that these are also certain personality types? Are certain personalities more likely to have whatever it takes to be in touch with what is the best path for ourselves? Or is it too serendipitous to make such a correlation?

And in thinking about that aspect, meaning if there is a connection between personality and choosing more appropriately for ourselves, is it possible to consider how certain personalities fare better in other aspects of life?

Let’s consider health and our unique responses to a scary diagnosis. Why is it that some people hear the same dire diagnosis and come out of it entirely differently. If we look at those who experience what is known as “spontaneous remission” and those who simply go downhill, might we see personality differences? If so, do we dare draw conclusions if/when it is appropriate?

On the health front, as mystifying as it is, we do know that studies continue on the mind/body connections. I am not sure we will ever be able to conclusively understand why or how these occurrences are.

Still, the questions remain about personality and optimal choices. And it only emphasizes the need for all of us to utilize as many resources as we can to allow ourselves the greatest opportunity to make decisions that help to ensure our happiness and success.

About the author, Saleh

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