Influencing Factors in Career Path

What are the factors that are at work to influence our career choices? Are we conscious of these influencing factors or not?

Whether we are consciously aware of the factors that influence our choices in career path selection or not, they are nonetheless present and at work “behind the scenes” of our life, so to speak. If you are one to have given this any thought, you likely know this and recognize what those influencers have been for you.

In general, we have our lifestyle preferences, such as married with or without children. To some extent, this choice will dictate how we manage our home/work-life balance. Then we have our personality and the needs that motivate us, in terms of financial expectations, etc.. There are inevitably cultural influencing factors as well.

We have a fair amount of common ground here as workers, but we ought to understand our uniqueness so that we decide most appropriately.

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