Laws of Happiness

What are the things we feel judged about? Have we to comply

with societal norms and expectations? Should we not all feel accepted for

whoever and however we show up here, regardless of what most people feel is



The Laws of Trust, Honesty, Tolerance, Gentleness, Joy,

Defenselessness, Generosity, Patience, Faithfulness, and Open-Mindedness are

listed among the ten laws that Jon Mundy mentions as the “laws of



These terms are self-explanatory. We can all understand the

value of living with the guidance of what these terms represent. 


The highlight of what I see to be apparent in being

“assessed” and that which is gleaned from reports that are generated

following the assessment process, is that in acknowledging ourselves we allow

for the “other.” As I see

myself more clearly, I am open to the personality differences of another. And

as I open to both, I accept and honor differences in both.     


Now there’s a path to happiness!

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