Learning from Each Other

It seems every teacher is a continual learner. As they acquire new information, particularly what is pertinent to their teaching, they first assimilate it for themselves and then share the new learning. In other words, they tune in to remain current and relevant.

We are all teaching and learning every day, even if and when we are not conscious of it. We don’t need to be in the position called teacher, do we?

So for me, I learn when I read and I learn from my students, colleagues, friends, and interviewees. What I received from our last guest, Joe, was the importance of paying attention. Holding a vision, he stepped forward with confidence that as long as he headed toward that picture of what he wanted, he could land in a desirable space. And he did.

Whether we are new to the job market or transitioning, it is to our benefit to heed the message of paying attention, having some sort of a vision for ourselves, and then heading in that direction. That’s what we learn from Joe’s story.

Trust plays in as well. And that’s facilitated by this idea of attention and vision. To quote another favorite–“Go confidently in the direction of your dreams! Live the life you have imagined” (Henry David Thoreau)

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