Meet Joe Kreuz

There is an adage: Do what you love and you’ll not work a day in your life.

Joe Kreuz embodies this better than anyone I know. So how did he manage to do what evades so many of us?

Listening to Joe tell his story makes me think that he did a couple of things. First, he paid attention early on; he was definitely self-aware. He had a vision and a model in his own father. He started out with a general idea and went “confidently in the direction of (his) dreams,” in the words of Henry David Thoreau. And then, the universe “conspired in helping him achieve” those dreams, to quote from a beloved book, The Alchemist (Paulo Coelho).

Perhaps no one is surprised that Joe is a people person who has cultivated relationships that he says will last a lifetime. But clearly, he has weathered storms during his career, just like all of us. Covid was another hit just this past year. Here again, he credits his wife and a great partnership with helping him through those times–clearly two critical relationships.

Tune in to hear Joe speak with the ease of someone who neither takes himself too seriously (his words) nor takes his success and happiness for granted.

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