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Style As A “Need To Know”

Knowing who we are and what we need is key to understanding what is necessary for our career lives and our personal lives, as well. Spending some time in self-analysis allows us to connect with that authenticity and offers us the perfect opportunity to love ourselves for precisely who we are. It also affords us the opportunity to love and accept another for who they are.

If there is synergy, we have the potential for a positive, productive union. The “assessment” piece just gets us to decision-making a little sooner, and a bit more efficiently, maybe. Without it, we could use up precious time (I intentionally did not use the word ‘waste,’ as I believe nothing is wasted; we are always learning).

Paying attention. That’s what it comes down to. Attending to your own inner voice or intuition. And paying attention to the other, with whom you need to engage.

Knowing your preferences and understanding another’s is better than nice to know. It’s proven to be a need to know to avoid unnecessary errors and get right on to what is best for you. It’s a more direct route to happiness and success and we each deserve that!

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