Truth as our Inspiration

It is about doing what we love, loving what we do, and being willing to be one hundred percent honest with ourselves and the world. It’s the path to happiness and success. So why aren’t we all happy and successful? Why do we have pain and strife in our world?

Integrity and love are sister concepts. When we are loving and acting in accordance with our truth, we won’t fail because we are living with and in integrity.

Consider reading Martha Beck’s new book on the subject: The Way of Integrity FInding The Path to Your True Self.

If we really thought about it, doing and behaving as we truly are is not only natural but also a relief. Why? Because for so many of us and for such a long time, we have been doing otherwise. Reasons for this have to do with self-consciousness, a feeling of not being enough, just as we are. It is a lie we tell ourselves as we look out into the world to obtain verification of only that. What appears to the contrary, we sadly reject in favor of this erroneous idea that we do not have what it takes.

But the unfortunate truth is that I can assure you and you might receive all kinds of material to reassure you that what is true about you is not only good enough but perfect. It only works when each of us knows and embraces our own truth with self-love and acceptance. If you haven’t already, I hope to add to the motivation for you to give the gift of this truth to yourself now.

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