Your Life Philosophy

Whether we recognize it or not, we each have a philosophy. If we don’t see it now, we will acknowledge it one day. And this life investigation leads us to be a certain way, which then leads us to do certain things. It leads us to the work that we choose, the person we decide on for our life partner, and whether or not we procreate.

We need to be what makes us happy. When we are experience happiness, it is contagious and we bring that wherever we are. It’s infectious.

It’s our responsibility to ourselves and the universe to be what is our purpose and that which is entirely in line with your philosophy. So, how does that happen?

Is this “radical reflection” something reserved for a segment or for all of us? We all want to live meaningful lives, have a purpose for our time here, and be happy. Recognition of our personal philosophy can help us get there more efficiently.

About the author, Saleh

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