Finding What We Need

Here’s the thing. These days, whenever we want something, all we need to do is go to google or another search engine and write in the phrase representing our request, right? Next, we wade through the myriad responses that hopefully address our unique concern and we settle on a particular resource, which may or may not involve us buying something.

I am not so sure that works out every time or even most times perfectly well. For example, I am totally sure and indeed aware of so many young people who are lost with what they will do for a living. It does not seem that our technological advances in the last 30 years have improved things for those of us who arrive at a certain point in life and need to make that decision as to how we will support ourselves. I mean, it gets old with the parents at around ages 21-25. We are expected to grow up and stop depending on them for what we want to buy and how we want to live.

But what happens when we do not know what we want to do or have not yet had the benefit of exposure to the possibilities so that we can get a clue about that in which we are motivated to do? Or better, need to do?

I had actually come to my line of work, using assessments to help adults caught up in an involuntary job loss to identify what they are truly suited to do, believing that at the high schools and beginning college years, students are attended to in this regard. They certainly have improved the guidance counseling since my day, but oh no, I was wrong. I have it on very good authority that our so-called “school guidance counseling” has not changed very much at all. What we had back in the day is essentially what is available today. Unfortunately, this is not good news, It is not likely that young people today are given any more assistance than students were given 20 and 30 years ago. We have to figure it out on our own.

Okay so here’s the point. Forget about firing all the guidance staff across the country, although that would not be a bad idea, so long as the money saved could be earmarked and devoted to getting all those students professionally assessed. That would at least allow for discovery of their unique needs and to identify their most suitable career paths. We could not be so fortunate to incite that sort of revolutionary change ensuring a more expedient impact. It is nearly impossible to dismantle long-time systems and precedent with mere pragmatism.

If you are one who is lost, confused, frustrated, questioning your most suited career path, either google me or find an assessment to help you clarify what you need in a work life. Don’t waste any more time and money in this state or worse, just select something because “you have to get a degree.” Maybe the conventional educational path is not for you. Maybe there is something to know about yourself and your needs that must be uncovered. Maybe you just need the time and space to sit back and reflect on pertinent data about you that is critical to your happiness and success. Don’t not believe that there is something you were meant to do that is only yours to do in the way you do it!

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