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I just can’t help commenting on what is happening in our national discourse. The vitriol and lack of civility that we are showcasing to our own people and the world at large is at least unfortunate and at most shameful. In our humanness, I understand our fallibility, but mostly I hold out hope that some if not all of those who are spearheading these displays will somehow locate their sensibilities or better, their spirituality in reconsidering their behavior.

A Course in Miracles is a spiritual psychotherapy system that had its genesis with the thought, “there’s got to be another way.” That’s how I feel about protracted divisive polarization that has no chance at resolution. There has got to be another way to get to peace and living together without all the hatred! If that’s too much to ask for, what about appealing on a level of reasonableness?

Since it is a timely matter at the moment, I think the outgoing supreme court judge Kennedy is a good example of a person of reason.  He is said to be a conservative who has demonstrated sound reason to allow for gay and abortion rights. It is my belief that a person ought never to have feared discrimination for who they choose to love, so what is called “gay rights” are simply human rights for me.  And although I believe in the sanctity of life and would ideally like to see women prevent unwanted pregnancies, if one happens to occur, I do believe it is a woman’s individual decision.  Again, a human right.  I say that makes me both pro-life and pro-choice. There appears to be no resolution in this space for me but it is what I consider common sense.

We are accountable for our actions and for our contributions to society. We must act responsibly and maintain our positions without defaming those who oppose our stance. In our spirituality, we are required to find a way to be who we are while allowing others to have different beliefs and opinions.  We must respect ours and others’ humanness.  Is that not reasonable?

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