A Call for Dialogue

First it was email, today it’s texts and posts on social media.  Do people miss talking, having face to face conversation, dialogue???

I think we are secretly longing for some return to that, as evidenced by the increasing popularity in podcasts.  Tuning in to these “shows” allows us to listen in on one or more people having a conversation.  Next to being with someone in person, sitting across a table carrying on a conversation (without a phone sitting on the table, hopefully), listening to human beings engaged in conversation seems to soothe our need to “be with” one another.

enjoying conversation in Italy

Maybe I am entirely off base, perhaps I have no idea what people miss nor what they desire or need.  But if hunches serve us, if what I have a gut feeling about is a fairly accurate barometer, then this is more than food for thought.  I would love to have struck a nerve to encourage others to have more time together and enjoy each other.  Being with one another has to trump writing a terse line or two or even leaning on a photo or video to communicate for us.

The power in truly being present with one another is often felt with few words.  But we can’t feel the words off a page or screen.  Indeed, we can even misconstrue what is being communicated in texts and emails.  Thank God for emojis!  At least that can supplement our words’ intent.

I’m actually hopeful about the seeming popularity of podcasts.  I think we like communication we take in with our ears, if not face to face.  It’s like the next best thing to being there.  Appreciate the “next best thing” when you are there, though.  And leave your phone on silent in your bag or pocket.  I have a strong notion that you won’t regret one second of truly being there!



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