Career Shifting–The Oppportunity of a Lifetime!

Sometimes we lose our jobs, sometimes we just want to quit what we’re doing.  We’re no longer having any fun and work has become a four-letter word.  My teacher friends say that the “kids have changed.”  Well, maybe.

But perhaps you need to consider a shift, it may be that you have been a round peg trying to fit into a square hole, anyway, or maybe the kids have changed.   Either way, it’s scary, “impractical” even—so how does one shift gears, at any age, let alone post 40!?

After 15+ years in the business of helping executives and all other levels transition into better spots, I can assure you that once you do the work, there is indeed life after one job or even career.  Today’s college graduates know that they will have at least 8 different jobs during their career and the smartest ones know that they need to consider how to market themselves as an independent consultant or free lancer.

The great news is that it is the opportunity of a lifetime to consider how you might turn your REAL assets into personal happiness and financial success.  We all have gifts to offer—in only the way we uniquely can offer them, so the most valuable use of your time is in investigating how you might do that for yourself.  No guidance counselor or well-intentioned friend or parent can do that for you–and if you aren’t connected to yourself in that most personal of ways—that is, with crystal clear self-knowledge and an understanding of what that may mean in the marketplace (someone somewhere needs just what you have!) then, there are instruments to assist you in that regard.

I work with the Birkman, or About-U for young adults, but there are others, and you need to seriously consider a process of self investigation in order to make a wise decision that will affect you for the rest of your life.  You can always look at every crossroad in life as a problem or an opportunity.  Which will you choose?

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