Interviewing the Interviewer

Most people looking for a job are concerned about the interview.   How will I come across, how can I ensure that I make an excellent impression, how do I best convey that I can do the job, I want to do this job and I fit into the culture and company? That’s all very one-sided and we do need to prepare, anticipating questions that we will be asked, even practicing our responses.  The preparation will help smooth out any rough edges of nervousness when we are face to face in the “hot seat.”

Still, we must all know that it is our obligation to ourselves and the expectation of our interviewer that we ask questions.  Perhaps this occurs during the interview, maybe the time presents itself toward the end, after our interviewer invites us.   If we are not invited to for some reason, we will ask for the opportunity to ask a few questions.

Those who are in the role of evaluating best fit candidates for a position want to know that you want the job in question.   They want to know that you are interested in their company and that you are thoughtful in your considerations of the specific position.   Therefore, appropriate questions for you to ask have to do with these aspects.   The way in which you structure the questions will demonstrate your level of interest, how much you know about the company and the position itself and your concern for a mutually beneficial relationship.

Neglecting to interview the interviewer would never serve you.  Inasmuch as you prepare for your responses to their questions, identify and make a list of questions that you need to ask.  The answers will undoubtedly contribute to your continued interest—-or may allow you to decide the job is not for you.  Either way, you are taking charge of your future and that is a very good thing!

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