Is it Right to Treat One Another Without Common Decency?


There is definite reason to believe that we have largely lost our way.  To see and hear our so-called political leaders, our “role models” behave in such a deplorable manner is nothing short of shocking.  But I know, the problem is that we’ve descended so far that the shock value has diminished and is almost non-existent at this point. It’s more than unfortunate but think of where we’re headed with this.  If we can’t go any lower, then the bar is set for this to be the norm and we can expect no better.

If I understand the concept of the collective unconscious, we have all played a role in allowing this to happen.  And if we have, then it is ours to change.  Let’s not give these politicians the approval, by refusing to vote for any one who utters indecent speech.  He who evokes unsavory language in an effort to stir the pot of partisan politics and thereby scare constituents into voting for them, for fear of their opposer will lead them into death and destruction.

But one might say but if all are this way, who is left to vote for?  Yes, it does seem that it’s been normalized, this vitriolic behavior and I am one who is terribly sorry for that.  But no, we always have some small voice who is willing to behave with common decency and respect.  Look for them, these people are among us, some have actually thrown their hats in the ring, so to speak.  Watch too, your own language.  You can be not for a candidate without succumbing to the same unfortunate vitriol.  You can speak and behave with respect for all even as you disagree with their position.  If it can’t start with you, how can we get anywhere else?  Please consider your role in this.  We can look to examples of those who refuse to come down to the levels of unappealing words and behavior.  Use their example and not the others to reinforce what is best for our country and its future.

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