Why Write All About You?

I wrote All About You -A Responsible Search for Meaning because of my work with professionals in job transitions who nearly always brought up the question of their purpose here in the world.  We begin the question of what makes most sense for me to pursue as my “next likely position,” and we lead ourselves right into “Why am I here, anyway?”

If that sounds illogical, think of it this way.  For perhaps the only time in this indiviudal’s life, (no exaggeration), he or she is taking a pause to think through what makes sense.  Up until this moment, they had been running at full speed with their daily routines of work and personal responsibilities.  Our lives are so filled, so busy and when we have a breather, we just want to enjoy ourselves with something fun.  Who has time to reflect?  Who gives time to think through whether or not we have a passion?  Most of us think that work is something we have to do, a means to an end, but nothing we have a right or need to enjoy much less love!

So I realized by the 20th year doing this work (it actually took far less time), that we all need to take that reflective step back and ask ourselves the question of purpose and include, rather than exclude our work lives.  So I wrote about it and will answer questions about the subject using the feedback and the conversations that I have had with the numbers of individuals with whom I have had the pleasure to disuss this most important matter.

Of course, I welcome other stories and feedback on the subject or even the book, so please feel free to contact me and I will attempt to respond in a timely manner.  I hope at minimum, that you are not one who requires convincing about deserving to have a happy and fulfilled career for yourself.

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