Mating and the Job Search

Whenever I meet someone who needs to begin a job search, the easiest way to explain the process is to compare it to finding a suitable mate. The challenge is that most of us fail to engage in any formalized process to accomplish either. And therein lies what could be a problem.

Most of us can agree that if we really intend to “get it right” in accomplishing our objectives, we have to put the time in to doing the upfront work required.
Here are some thoughts on what that might involve:

The very first step would be “an inside job.”
Ask yourself what you need. What exactly are those items, that if you acquired them, might present you with the greatest possibility for personal happiness and success? What is important to you? Once you can articulate that in a fair amount of detail, itemize and prioritize the list. You need to differentiate in “black and white” what is clearly a desirable versus what is non-negotiable.

Armed with your list, look out into the world of industries and companies (or prospective mates) and determine the type that would be most suited to you. If employment, ask-for whom might you solve problems, given your talents and skill set? (In mate terms, you might consider the type of individual with whom you might easily share synergies of a professional, cultural and recreational nature).

Networking follows. Put yourself out there in touch with individuals who might be most helpful to you in clarifying and validating your own understanding of where and how you fit. Ask your contacts to also consider referring you to others they may know for the purposes of having a conversation in a similar way. While you never ask anyone if they might help you “get a job” directly, you remain open to what could happen as a result of a conversation or referral.
As with any “favor” one asks of another, invite your networking contacts to call upon you in return.

Eventually, this is a process, that if conducted properly, will yield an adequate number of options that result in suitable prospects for consideration.

Finally, remaining positive and optimistic goes a very long way in creating the environment for success to occur, sooner rather than later.

Happy searching!

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