Unexamined Lives

The North Sea, Belgium

In my work as a consultant,¬†I see people in various stages of self-defined¬†happiness and success.¬†¬†And because of an assessment tool that I use to determine what an individual needs¬†and how they might best satisfy those needs,¬†I get to have interesting philosophical discussions.¬† I get to realize time and again how so many of us do¬†live lives of quiet desperation.¬†¬†Somehow, we seem to settle and justify our choices in¬†a myriad of ways, but I can see that we secretly hold out —or¬†should I say hold in—for the possibility that there might be “something else” and we might run into that option…someday.

This is in no way a terminal¬†indictment on the human condition; it is simply an observation that leads me to stand among those who offer assurance that there is indeed something else.¬†¬†And while I hesitate to oversimplify¬†the process, all it takes is some self-examination.¬† You won’t necessarily need an assessment to encourage your self-awareness.¬† You will need a little willingness, though, some introspection.¬† You will need to take a breather, a step back, to consider your preferences, your leanings, or where it is that you (can) shine.

My desire is to open up communication on this subject because after all these years, I am certain that most of us need support not only in honoring our authentic selves, but also in gaining the confidence to act on our awareness and insights.  For anyone who has been living a less-than-conscious life, leading to feelings of isolation, unhappiness, even despair, I hope to share what I have learned along the way that might be of benefit.

Happiness and success is definitely not just for the lucky few but for each of us.  Imagine that.

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