Sensitivity, Sensibility and Respect

I can always get to the point in any given interaction, personal or in observing others, when three words strike me-sensitivity, sensibility and respect.  The quality of the first is in thinking before we speak.  It is being aware and responsive to another person’s point of view.  The second, similar but adding more discernment to our appreciation of our own and others’ emotions.  Who could do without the third?  Respect for one another and for ourselves ought to be a guiding principle in and for every human interaction.

What we have now is a simple failure to consider that while we humans do have different opinions, we are the same.  If God presented himself on the face of this planet, he would not see color or race or religious differences.  And while this may only be relevant to those of us who believe in God, it is nevertheless the truth.Related image

How much is it going to take for us to truly untie in our authenticity as human beings?

A friend mentioned recently how inevitable resolution is, that the angst and vitriol we are presently experiencing is actually part of the necessity to get us to peace and understanding.  To bring us to love and where we need to be.  I certainly hope he is right.  I know that when he said it, that resonated with me.  I actually felt relieved.  It does appear that it is human nature to fall into the abyss, to descend into darkness before we see the light.

There is a reference in A Course in Miracles that indicates that the place is held for us until we get there.  Let’s hope it’s soon.

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