The Covid Message

Not to get too esoteric about this, but I wonder how many of us have considered that there is a message in having to experience a global crisis.  Especially one that involves our health, requiring us to “be distant,” separated.  With the world seeming to come to a screeching halt, it’s like we have all been asked to stop whatever we were up to and pay heed to a serious concern that threatens our very lives.  I’d call that a wake-up call!

It’s easy to pass this eventful circumstance we are living through as a mere mistake of science.  But that’s just not considering the entire picture, is it?

We have to look no further than what occurs in the aftermath of a crisis.  After 9 /11, we experienced a kinder, gentler city.  For a moment, in fact, it seemed the entire world joined together in a deliberate rebuke of such vile action against innocence.  We mourned together across the nation and the globe.  No one alive then will ever forget.

It is the same today and now, involves the entire world so everyone has the same unfortunate opportunity to feel the pain.  What is that we say- no pain, no gain?

I wish I did not always look for deeper meanings.  I wish I could pass this off as a scientific mishap.  I wish we did not need wake up calls.  But I, for one (and I know I am not alone) am not made that way.  I like or perhaps need to understand.  I also want to heed the call of the universal pull.  I believe in the need for a “shift in consciousness,” as Eckhart Tolle speaks of in A New Earth.  I understand why author Paul Levy writes how “the world we lived in prior to the advent of the coronavirus pandemic was a world gone mad, riddled through and through by (a kind of ‘mind virus’)  psychosis.”  We may not want to see our shared self-destructive ways but we are given an opportunity to awaken, to pull the veil away in order to take responsibility and participate in the shift.

How will you use this space and respond to this opportunity?



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