Character Traits

Are you aware of your personal best character traits?  What it is about you that you like, that others notice and from which they benefit?  Are you boldly authentic and honest?  When you’re at a party, do you seek out and say a friendly word to people who look as though they could use a smile or a kind word?

When you look, truly look at what is most appealing about you, and what you offer in relationship, what comes to mind?  Each of us has at least one outstanding personality /character trait in which we can take pride.

Not only is it good to be able to identify and articulate your best trait for the purposes of self-esteem, but it tends to benefit our self-awareness.  That can lead us to select a proper career or life path that is close to our hearts.  We are more easily apt to appropriately self assess and make good choices.  Take that trait (or two or three) and meditate on it, if you have trouble correlating this for yourself.  Go inside and feel good about you and your asset; ask for guidance while mulling it over.  It is surprising what you will glean from this kind of quiet

greatest asset


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