The Question of Assessment

It is amazing to me how the human mind sometimes works.  We plan weddings with much greater attention to detail than we do our own marriages.  When we are about to invest a number of years into higher education, we consider the geography and notoriety of the institution almost with more enthusiasm than we do our future career needs.  What is it with that?

To assess your needs in terms of designing a proper career path is to place serious concern where it ought to be to ensure your happiness and success with what you do for a living.  You CAN do this on your own if you are so inclinedImage result for free images of career searchbut it is unlikely that you have that sort of training and orientation to conduct the kind of introspective work it will take to do a proper job.  And if you are not “blessed” with the notion that you are certain of a career in which you want to devote your life, then you need to consider the assistance of the more professional kind.  In this case, I state my sincere argument for a professional assessment.

A college education is not only time consuming but expensive.  Investing a tiny fraction into an assessment to potentially save you many thousands of dollars in expenses, to say nothing of the time you are investing, only makes sense.  If you are someone to whom this applies and you agree that you need help identifying your career interests and needs–especially needs–then either look into a validated and reliable instrument or contact me at  I will be happy to help.


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