Orientation of Career Selection

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Do you believe that careers are selected from a cause and effect perspective or intention?  Do we tend to choose our paths consciously or unconsciously?

If our choice of career is the outcome of something that happened (cause) to result in our decision (effect) to pursue a particular line of work, then we might also consider that our choice was not made consciously.  In other words, it “just happened,” you “fell into it,” “things just fell into place in that certain way.”

But there is another way to look at our choices and it is from the perspective of intention, what we want to bring forth in our lives.  That would suggest a consciousness about this choosing, but we aren’t always consciously aware of what underlying intentions are at work in us.

It is something to think about, how we go about living our lives, making decisions and the effects of our choices.  Living consciously means attending to ourselves in a uniquely respectful way.  It means tuning in to the energy of our souls.  It’s our responsibility to ourselves and the universe to do what is ours to do and to accomplish that.  We listen to the voice of intention and then act in accordance.  That’s our unique way to do our part in serving the world.  It is the only way I understand we can be happy and successful in what we do for a living.

We can’t all be rich and famous but we can and ought to believe in a way for us to live our unique brand of happiness and success that comes from making a contribution to the world with purposeful intention.  Your job in accomplishing this is to get out of your own way and allow yourself to be led by what is in you, that perfect intelligence that is speaking to you, even as you try to drown it out with the noise of unconsciousness.  Stay still and listen.  It’s there, waiting for you to attend.

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