When it Comes to Relationships, There are No Accidents!

Is it more important to be right or at peace???

We can’t live without them so we might as well learn how to live with the people in our lives.  Or…not, right?   Well, it’s true that we have that option.   Still, consider this:

Some, the easier ones, show us how much love we are capable of and how loveable we ourselves are.  That feels good.  But it’s really the more challenging relationships that are our biggest and most meaningful lessons and while that doesn’t always feel good, it may be just what the “doctor” ordered.

It is difficult to accept that we actually “need” harsh lessons, but if you recall just one such relationship in your life, you know that looking back, there was something valuable that you learned from it…something that benefits you personally going forward.   Whether it was with a work relationship, a friend or a sibling, there is meaning in the challenge you experienced.  If we accept that there are no accidents, we can view a particular incident or time spent with another from the lens of purpose.  While that may take a little deliberate introspection on our part, the reward is greater compassion and peace for ourselves, the other– and in the end, everyone in our “field.”

Now who wouldn’t want that?

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