Making Errors Real

I am often struck when I hear political figures calling out one another on divisive issues, especially when it comes to racial differences.  And what I am about to write does not only come from my own thinking but I have had numerous others concur, nearly always with the caveat, …”but I would never say it out loud for fear I might be called stupid, unaware, or prejudiced.” Really????

This may be controversial but I feel the need to express it.  Before the time of Barack Obama, I had honestly thought we were almost over and done with racial issues.  At the very least, they were a part of our past, we had overcome the major stumbling blocks of racial differences.  It was by no means entirely absent from our culture but seemed more the exception, rather than the rule.  From my observation, younger people do not seem to see color or race so we may be mainly speaking of an aging segment of society.

I say all this knowing some will consider it/me naive to suggest that we were “over and done” with the unconscionable thinking and especially actions of the past.  I’m not saying that.  I realize there are stale and unreasonable holdovers to all human foibles and understand that we may always have some residual issues that have nothing to do with love and acceptance.  They have only to do with our tendency to think and behave with fear.

But here’s the thing.  If we continually raise issues of racial difference, how do we get out of creating the environment in which that element persists?    For me, what we do when we raise these issues over and over again and insist they are real, is to make the error real (again.) We say it aloud and therefore re-live what we insist is true rather than refuse credence to an old separation idea.  Somewhere in every one of us we actually know that we are not separate from each other or our Creator, we are united in oneness, so how can it matter what shade of flesh we have or how we worship?  Why continually call attention to the one thing we know does NOT matter?

I have a theory.  Those who insist on raising these non-sensical issues are those who prefer to gain attraction instead of offering content.  We non-politicians deeply desire content not subterfugeWe intrinsically know that the use of these cruel and ridiculous proclamations are merely a ruse and not what you tell us they are.  You hide behind them to gain traction with those you can convince.  But they are not the majority of us.  The majority of us are focused on what truly matters and see through your ruse.

With Liberals accusing Conservatives of racism and Conservatives calling Liberals un-american, all we end up with is the frustration of distracting noise.  No one wins when we continually make errors real and loud and distracting.  When will we get back to the meaningful concerns of the majority of the population?  Patriotism and racism are not a platform!

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