Getting Straight About Our Opinions

All good intentions can be screwed up by the fallibility of man.  One could argue that advances in technology had all good intentions but we see how much negative can come of it.  People have come to feel horrible at a comment made by another, usually anonymously, so allowing the less than courageous to make judgments and not get called out on it.  Some have reacted to these criticisms in very unfortunate ways, including the ultimate, the choice to take one’s life.

The cumulative effect on all of us is not good.  There is little question that we all somehow bear the burden of these Image result for free images of rights of decency

reactions and choices of our brothers and sisters.  We can’t bury our heads in the sand far enough to block out the noise of such pain by other human beings.

Whenever I am in such a place, reading about this or writing about it, even hearing stories told and re-told, which is increasingly more difficult for me, I am sure that I need to do my part in helping the matter.  In whatever small way I can have an impact, I will do it. And I know I am not alone, there are many good, solid, stable human beings who feel the same and do their part.  My favorite is when I hear of a young person, a child, who raises up on his own and seems to act in a manner well beyond his years, to reach out and make a kind gesture or unexpectedly do a good deed, when no one is “watching.”

I wish we could all recall the wisdom of dear Mark Twain who said, “Your opinion of me is none of my business.”  To remain impervious to unkind words or criticisms by calling to mind that it is merely an opinion and that it is of no import to me, but if it suits you, then go for it!  It shall have no effect on me (and likely as negative reinforcement has it, will eventually encourage you to stop hurting both of us!)  Now, that is not only practical but at times can really be a life saver.  Memorize that line and then own it, it’s yours for the believing!

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