The Question of Assessment

By Dolah Saleh | 11 March 2019 | Comments Off on The Question of Assessment

It is amazing to me how the human mind sometimes works.  We plan weddings with much greater attention to detail than we do our own marriages.  When we are about to invest a number of years into higher education, we consider the geography and notoriety of the institution almost with more enthusiasm than we do…

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Thinking Makes It So

By Dolah Saleh | 05 March 2019 | Comments Off on Thinking Makes It So

It occurs to me that the human tendency to pre-judge makes it challenging for us to remain open–forget accepting–about so much of life!  We have pre-decided and thus pre-judged something or someone and there’s no room for editing.  In fact, often we dig in our heels and find evidence to support our positions even with…

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Finding What We Need

By Dolah Saleh | 28 February 2019 | Comments Off on Finding What We Need

Here’s the thing. These days, whenever we want something, all we need to do is go to google or another search engine and write in the phrase representing our request, right? Next, we wade through the myriad responses that hopefully address our unique concern and we settle on a particular resource, which may or may…

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America First in School Shootings

By Dolah Saleh | 21 February 2019 | Comments Off on America First in School Shootings

America doesn’t want to be first.  At least not in school shootings.  But the truth is that we are; there are more school shootings in the United States than anywhere in the world. Our country represents 5 % of the world population and 31% of its mass shooters since 1966.  That is not a statistic…

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Is There A Way to Do What You Love?

By Dolah Saleh | 06 February 2019 | Comments Off on Is There A Way to Do What You Love?

Do we believe that we actually can do what we love, assuming we identify what that is? There are resources we can access to clarify what we need to be happy in our worklife, which also has implications for our personal life.  If you are not sure or do not know of appropriate resources, consider…

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A Call for Dialogue

By Dolah Saleh | 02 February 2019 | Comments Off on A Call for Dialogue

First it was email, today it’s texts and posts on social media.  Do people miss talking, having face to face conversation, dialogue??? I think we are secretly longing for some return to that, as evidenced by the increasing popularity in podcasts.  Tuning in to these “shows” allows us to listen in on one or more…

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Common Ground in Career and Mate Selection

By Dolah Saleh | 30 January 2019 |

I once wrote a book called Dating and the Pursuit of Happiness .  In it, I express the idea of an analogy between finding a suitable job and that of finding a mate.  I wasn’t making light of the mate comparison, in fact, I was saying–still say—that since many of us put more work in…

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By Dolah Saleh | 24 January 2019 | Comments Off on Civility

I wonder how many people feel the way I do about how we humans treat one another.  I guess I could do research, casually ask others, even conduct official interviews, but I just wonder.  I’m not even sure that I could depend on the responses.  Would people be honest, willing to be transparent about what…

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Career Guidance in our Schools?

By Dolah Saleh | 16 December 2018 |

Each is divinely unique… I can’t tell you how often I hear people speak about the inadequate, if not non-existent¬†”guidance counseling” in our schools.¬†¬†I just heard another story today!¬† In my time as a teacher, I could see that¬†there was something lacking, that not much at all had changed since my high school days when…

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Teaching the Children Well

By Dolah Saleh | 06 December 2018 | Comments Off on Teaching the Children Well

I worry about what adults unwittingly teach children.  I doubt if there is any conscious intent with so much of what we “transmit,” thus my qualifier.  Most of us are aware that if there is a conflict between what we say and what we do, our actions and behavior wins out in the messaging.  Children…

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