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Being Educated

By Dolah Saleh | 14 July 2020 |

In the presence of an educated individual

Radical Empathy

By Dolah Saleh | 07 July 2020 |

We have become painfully aware of our national sickness and need to begin the healing process…together. We must do this not only with lip service but with the kind of compassion that moves us toward action.Empathy is at the very heart of understanding so that we can hear and feel the others’ pain. Having that…

Our Sacred Contracts

By Dolah Saleh | 30 June 2020 |

Carolyn Myss, Medical Intuitive, writes about the negative health consequences of not understanding the reason we are here. When we lack this self-knowledge, it disallows the clarity we need to choose our proper work/ life. This jeopardizes our own health and the quality of our relationships. Doesn’t that grab your attention? Myss is someone who…

Ingredients For A Happier Life

By Dolah Saleh | 23 June 2020 |

We all want love, we seek to be happy. Do we understand how we can keep love in our lives and achieve a level of sustainable happiness? There are folks who study this subject. It’s an important subject for every living being. Take a listen to some of the aspects that contribute to happiness. Awareness…

Is it a Job, a Career or a Calling?

By Dolah Saleh | 16 June 2020 |

So often I hear folks complaining about their work life. Is it satisfying enough, do they look for something else or stay the course? The consideration to remain may include things like potential opportunities, being recognized, financial benefits of longevity. Some folks just “landed” on a position or in a company for reasons having nothing…

Keeping an Open Heart

By Dolah Saleh | 08 June 2020 |

When we perceive an injustice, it is easy to conclude that the offender is bad and needs to be punished. People should not behave badly because it upsets us, makes us uncomfortable. We reject both the behavior and victimizer. We conclude that both the action and the person performing the action is evil. What if…

Love VS Fear

By Dolah Saleh | 02 June 2020 |

It is true that “As a man thinketh,” so does he create his environment. James Allen’s book with that title was published in 1903. Today, we have many pieces written around the idea that our collective thoughts deliver our world. Paul Levy’s website, “Awaken in the Dream” is one to check out on this topic.…

Window Of Opportunity

By Dolah Saleh | 26 May 2020 |

From a certain perspective, we can see how the things that happen to us, either singly or as a society, present an opportunity. Covid 19 is no exception. A space has been opened for us. It is a forced space, one that we didn’t even know we needed, but it turns out, we did. We…

Meet Lori

By Dolah Saleh | 19 May 2020 |

How many of us can actually say that we have chosen various career moves intuitively? Lori is a creative individualist who begins her career with a pragmatic selection in the field of science. She acquires the learning that fortifies her marketability but somehow always understands that she will not fit in the conventional sense of…

Meet Carm

By Dolah Saleh | 12 May 2020 |

Carm refers to his early career life as “destiny.” It was the “family business,” so there was little question about what he would be doing after college graduation. Still, there was some inner drive that propelled Carm during his entire career. He made use of each step. When it came to his first big involuntary…