Knowing Yourself and Mental Health

By Dolah Saleh | 08 June 2021 |

We hear the term “mental health” an awful lot lately. What does it really mean to be mentally healthy? Here’s what the research says about mental health:It is a state of well-being in which the individual realizes his/her abilitiesHe/she can cope with the normal stressors of lifeHe/she can work productively and fruitfullyI can’t help but…

Learning from Each Other

By Dolah Saleh | 01 June 2021 |

It seems every teacher is a continual learner. As they acquire new information, particularly what is pertinent to their teaching, they first assimilate it for themselves and then share the new learning. In other words, they tune in to remain current and relevant. We are all teaching and learning every day, even if and when…

Meet Joe Kreuz

By Dolah Saleh | 25 May 2021 |

There is an adage: Do what you love and you’ll not work a day in your life. Joe Kreuz embodies this better than anyone I know. So how did he manage to do what evades so many of us? Listening to Joe tell his story makes me think that he did a couple of things.…

How Emotional Intelligence Can Help Solve the World’s Problems

By Dolah Saleh | 18 May 2021 |

Just as intellectual intelligence is known as IQ, so too is the measure of emotional intelligence known as EQ. If we understand exactly what emotional intelligence is, then we also recognize how EQ is part of the answer to solving the world’s problems. Consider that each human being is either aware of their emotions and…

The World Where We Stand

By Dolah Saleh | 11 May 2021 |

If we sometimes feel overwhelmed by the need for world change, all we need do is take on the challenge right where we stand. It’s like the quote by Desmond Tutu who said that “there is only one way to eat an elephant: a bite at a time.” Of course, he was not speaking literally,…

The Only Way to Live

By Dolah Saleh | 04 May 2021 |

We are only too aware of polarizing positions in our world. And the reason that we are so aware is that these positions are too present in our lives. While we know this has to change, and we hear it often enough, why is it that we continue to live separated in our positions and…

Truth as our Inspiration

By Dolah Saleh | 27 April 2021 |

It is about doing what we love, loving what we do, and being willing to be one hundred percent honest with ourselves and the world. It’s the path to happiness and success. So why aren’t we all happy and successful? Why do we have pain and strife in our world? Integrity and love are sister…

Power or Force?

By Dolah Saleh | 20 April 2021 |

We are either contributing to the peace and love in the world or to the negative energy that causes hurt and ultimate destruction.

21 Points for Success

By Dolah Saleh | 13 April 2021 |

There is a little book called Life’s Little Instruction Book that was initially written in 1940. The author is H. Jackson Brown, Jr., and his 21 points have definitely stood the test of time. We review each step here, highlighting the importance of each, and referring back to so many other shows in which we…

Meet Minnie

By Dolah Saleh | 06 April 2021 |

Minnie’s story serves to highlight what so many of us experience. From the lack of career guidance to accepting work that had little or nothing to do with her passion, she speaks powerfully about how she felt and the advice she can deliver as a consequence. Like many, there were sparks of illumination in some…